YIHR workshop on topic "Preventuion of torture"

In cooperation with Ministry of Justice, Youth Initiative for Human Rights (member of Civic Alliance) organized the workshop on Monday, 18 April 2016, on topic "Prevention of torture".

The workshop attended more than 30 officers from ZIKS and Police Department, who met with fundamental standards about protection and prevention of torture and institutional framework for the prevention of torture.


Speakers at the workshop were: Slavica Rabrenović, Director General of Directorate for enforcement of criminal sanctions, Ministry of justice, Marijana Sinđić and Dragan Radović, Councilors of the Protector of human rights and freedoms, Slavenko Smolović, prosecutor in Basic Public Prosecution Office Bijelo Polje, Zoran Čelebić, member of the Council for the civic control of work of the police, Vesna Pavićević from Department for the internal control of work of the police and Milan Radović, Coordinator on Human Rights Program.

See more: http://www.radiobijelopolje.me/index.php/impresum/29773-smanjen-broj-zrtava-torture-i-zlostavljanja-video