Training for future young lawyers

I would like to inform you that today, on 16 December 2015, Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR MNE), member of NGF Civic Alliance, held the training for the students of law, on topic "Documenting of torture", in cooperation with the Faculty of law sciences of the University Donja Gorica.


Spokespersons at the training were Dragan K. Vukčević, Dean of Faculty of Law sciences UDG, Šućko Baković, Ombudsman, Miroslav Turković, Deputy at the Basic Prosecution Office in Podgorica, Aleksandar Saša Zeković, President of Council for civil control of work of the police, Milan Adžić, main police inspector for the control of legality of implementation of police competences, Bojan Božović, Assistant at the Faculty of law sciences UDG and Milan Radović, coordinator on human rights program in YIHR MNE.


Students had the opportunity to be introduced with the competences and results of the Ombudsman Institution, Prosecution Office, Council for the civil control of work of the police, and Department for internal control of work of the police in the field of prevention and protection from torture, and challenges in achieving the mandate in the area of torture prevention. Mr Bojan Božović, Assistant the Faculty of law sciences at UDG held a lecture on topic: The Role of the European Court for Human Rights in protection from torture.


Training was the part of activities of the project: "Building free of torture and impunity societies at Western Balkan countries", which is implemented by YIHR MNE, YIHR Serbia, ARCT and IRCT, with the support of the European Union. Goal of this project is to contribute to the society without torture through activities of civil society directed against torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and punishing and promotion of international standards, especially OPCAT.


Edina Hasanaga Cobaj
Executive Director of YIHR MNE


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