Press Conference of YIHR

On 01 October 2015 Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Montenegro will organize press conference, where it will present the brochure on prison rules of the Council of Europe, translated into Montenegrin language.

Statement: Jointly against torture

Dear Sir/Madam,
On the ocassion of 26 June – International Day of the support to victims of torture, partner organizations – Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHRMN), the Albanian Rehabilitation Cebter for Trauma & Torture (ARCT), Youth Initiative for Humna Rights Serbia (YIHRSR) and International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims IRCT invite competent institutions in Montenegro, Albania and Serbia to respect the right to rehabilitation of victims of torture and to fight efficiently against impunity.

Ca wins: European court of human rights has confirmed the case of torture in the institution of criminal sanctions

Dear Madame/Sir,
Civic Alliance (GA) welcomes the final judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in the case Milic / Nikezić against Montenegro, in which the GA provided free legal aid, and which confirmed the thesis that justice is attainable and represents a great satisfaction for our work on the situation in the Institute for execution of criminal sanctions.

Press conference within the framework of the project “Building Free of Torture and Impunity societies on Western Balkan” took place

We inform you that Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Montenegro, organized press conference on 28 January 2015, at 12:30, in cooperation with Institution for Enforcement of Criminal Sanctions (ZIKS) in Bijelo Polje. Findings of the former implementation of project “Building free of torture and impunity societies at the Western Balkan”, were presented at the press conference. The press conference took place at the building of ZIKS in Bijelo Polje.

The incident in ZIKS

In January 14. 2015. from ZIKS was announced that in the correctional facility in Spuž was an attack on prison officers deployed in the closed section of the prison. They were attacked from prisioners, during which five officers ZIKS sustained injuries for which they were transported to the Emergency Department, Clinical center of Montenegro, in order get necessary medical assistance. Convicted persons for media denied the allegations and announced that the incident caused officials of ZIKS.

Regional study visit to Serbia and sharing expertise in protection from ill-treatment and assistance to torture victims

Representatives of National Preventive Mechanisms (NPM), prison systems and non-governmental organizations from Albania and Montenegro will visit Serbia from 12 until 14 November 2014. The aim of the visit is to share experience and expertise in the fields of protection from ill-treatment and assistance to torture victims. The visit is one of the activities implemented as part of the regional project “Building Free of Torture and Impunity Societies in Western Balkans”. In the project framework participants from Albania and Serbia visited Montenegro in October.


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