Police must cooperate with criminal investigations into use of excessive force and ill-treatment of protestors

Amnesty International is calling on the Minister of Interior to ensure that law enforcement officers, including police commanders and the Anti-Terrorist Unit, fully cooperate with criminal investigations into allegations of ill-treatment and the excessive use of force during public demonstrations in the capital, Podgorica, in October 2015.

Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR), Ministry of Interior and Supreme Public Prosecution Office and signed Memorandum on Cooperation

Improving protection from torture, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishing in Montenegro, contribution to faster and more efficient implementation of recommendations from international expert bodies, and improvement of cooperation between public institutions and civil sector, aiming to increase the level of respect of human rights of persons in closed institutions, are goals of the Memorandum on Cooperation. This Memorandum has been signed by the Ministry of Interior-Police Directorate, Supreme Public Prosecution Office, and nongovernmental foundation YIHR.

Monitoring of protest

NGO Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) was on the ground monitoring the protest organized by Democratic Front on 24 October and promptly informed the public about protests via social networks.

Statement about interrupting of DF protests

Dear Madam/Sir,
Nongovernmental organizations Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR), ADP-Zid, NGO "4Life", ALFA Center and LGBT Forum Progress strongly condemn police cruelty at the time of violent interrupting of peaceful protests of Democratic Front, in front of the building of the Parliament of Montenegro.

The role of doctors in the prison system in Serbia

The biggest problem of the prison system in Serbia is the insufficient number of health personnel, particularly physicians, it was said at conference organized on August 26th and entitled "The role of doctors in the prison system in Serbia", which was attended by health workers of all prisons in Serbia.


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